Alexandrina Victoria (or simply Victoria) is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and titular character in ITV's Victoria. She is portrayed by the actress Jenna Coleman in ITV's television series Victoria.


Before becoming Queen

When Victoria was 13 she found out she would become Queen. (Doll 123) She realized this when she was shown the family tree.

As Queen

In 1837, Victoria's uncle King William IV died and Victoria became Queen at the tender age of 18. She decided that Baroness Lehzen was to be head of house and that Sir John Conroy was not going to advise her at all. Lord Melbourne comes to visit and she finds comfort in him as a father she never had. She wishes to be called Victoria (contrary to her mother and Sir John's choice of the name Elizabeth II).

As Queen, she decides to move into Buckingham.

We learn that Victoria does not have a good relationship with her mother. She places her along with Sir John and Lady Flora into a lower wing in the palace. (Doll 123)

She develops an acquaintance with Miss Skerrett and is influenced by her to not execute the Newport Chartists. (Brocket Hall)

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