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Lord Melbourne - Not dead?

Now that series three has been announced, there is discussion to who will be in it. Obviously Jenna and Tom will be returning to play the Queen and Prince consort respectively, but who do you hope returns? Daisy Goodwin, the shows creator has teased that Lord M may not be dead as we all thought by saying
“If you notice, I didn’t actually kill him. I never say never. It’s possible if there’s another season. I’m not ruling anything out.” What are your thoughts on this?
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He might show up, unless he already died in the real world, the show moves forward in time a lot. Victoria's kids age pretty quickly.
The real Lord M died in 1849, 9 years after the real Dash did.
Guess it depends on how much of Victoria's life they decide to adapt
Hoping Lord M only dozed off as the birdsong faded away and if he lasted 9 years longer than Dash then please please please let him last for as close to the run of the show as possible as a valued off-the-record source of advice advisor, thank you!
Sounds like a likely possiblity
Hope he shows up in season 3
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