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• 8/5/2016

Are you happy with the casting choice?

What do you REALLY think about Jenna Coleman as Yung Queen Victoria?
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• 1/19/2017
I think she is the perfect choice! She seems so comfortable with what she is doing.
• 11/19/2017
I really like her playing Victoria, Jenna and Tom look amazing together. I'd been a fan of Jenna during her time in Doctor Who, so I was very happy to hear that she'd be doing this. To be honest, Victoria is one of those shows where everyone is perfectly cast. ITV couldn't have done better than them.
• 1/23/2018
She's a new actress for me and I like her very much and her husband's character as well. Too bad they age-out as the series continues but they've given it a great start that I hope goes on with the new incarnations of the queen and her consort.
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